Affordable PooperPickerUppers 6,000 count-Roll Bag

PooperPickerUppers now has affordable pet waste bags and supplies. Dogipot replacements at a more affordable price.  HOA, Apartment managers, dog parks, hotels, rv parks and maintenance departments can now get replacement pet waste bags and supplies at supplier pricing. 

Product Details:

Fits ANY Dispenser—Guaranteed
STANDARD Size 8”W x 13”L
200 bags per roll—each roll boxed

Case: 6000 Roll Bags (30 rolls of 200)
Bag Size: 8”W x 13”L
Roll Size: 2.75” x 8”
Thickness: 0.9mil
Box Size: 3” x 3” x 8.5”
Case Weight: 14 lbs
Bag Color: Black


PooperPickerUppers pet waste station replacement bags for Dogipot and other stations. Now more affordable with the same quality. Perfect for HOAs, apartments, maintenance, hotels, rv and dog parks looking to protect the bottom line.
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  • Item #: PSS001-30
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